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Fumigation in transit services

“Control Survey” SRL provides the fumigation in-transit and pests control services for agricultural products with export destination. This service is provided in accordance with strict national legislation and the good international practice that have the impact to human safety and quality of fumigation treatment.

Agricultural products are under the permanent risk of natural infestation by pests and insects. Insects always can find the ideal conditions and rich food; their reproduction can be unusual and unpredictable. Fumigation of agri-food such as wheat, barley, peas, soybeans, corn, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, etc. with phosphine is very necessary to reduce your natural financial risks.

The fumigation in-transit process with phosphine will have the positive result only in case of sufficient exposure time and correct application dosage, which will destroy not only the adult insects, but also larvae and insects’ eggs. Thus, exposure time and application dosage are two vital components for achieving of optimal fumigation results.
The main characteristic feature of phosphine is the time of release and diffusion gas throughout the cargo.

“Control Survey” SRL is ready to handle you all package of our services for loading supervision of container/vessels with grains and oilseeds with export destination.
We are in touch with our client 24/24 hours, 7 days a week.
In the Republic of Moldova, the fumigation in transit is performed mainly by introducing the Aluminum phosphide tablets into the cargo. After the introduction of which aluminum phosphide is slowly released and reacts with the environment and cargo humidity. This working procedure increases safety during the application and it also extend the period of exposure time needed for fumigation process itself.

After each treatment you receive a ‘certificate of fumigation’, which is needed for exporters to obtain the phytosanitary certificate needed for the international transportation of grains and oilseeds products.

Please contact us right now, and “Control Survey” SRL fumigation team will provide you this service in accordance with your contractual requirements.

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