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Welcome to the official website
of “Control Survey” SRL

Here at our official web site, we are proud to offer a complete range
of services and solutions to our existing and future customers.

This website has been created and launched with an idea of familiarization and introduction in our day to day activity of the end user as well as skilled personal or traders of agricultural or other products, exporters/importers with such products as minerals, petroleum, etc. We work in the field of inspection services at loading yards, ports of loading/discharge. While exploring our website one come across the detailed information about our service provided including pest problem and their solution, our accreditations and information about our team. We encourage you to explore this website and take full advantage of the information available. In case you need additional information and any clarification or requirements please feel free to contact us and we shall truly be happy to provide the high level of our services.



Control Survey has certified and accredited through third party bodies recognized at National and European Level, the inspection and evaluation services according to international standards and national legislation in line with EU Directives.